Funny Games you can play online, free and from the comforts of your own home.


Max Adrenaline Max Adrenaline
Extreme sports maniac Max Adrenalin is up for some amazing stunts, he's crazy ..
Neon PinBall Neon PinBall
This is a Neon Pinball style zuma, shoot at groups of the same color balls to ..
Street Zombie Attack Street Zombie Attack
Street Zombie Attack is a simple action game. Game to the mental acuity, speed ..
Uphill Anarchy Uphill Anarchy
Do not lose the opportunity to play this uphill racing game from ..
Tank attack Tank attack
Needed to build factories, turrets and destroy tanks. 3 types of towers 1 ..


Witty Frog Witty Frog
Jump across lotus leaves to make them sink. Try to clear all the leaves in this ..
Gigi got himself into serious trouble. He has to return home before ..
ball callector ball callector
Collect fired balls in 3d space.You can lose 10 balls. Note that the firing ..
Silly Bunny Silly Bunny
This is adventure puzzle platformer with nice graphics. In this game You are a ..
Me and My Donkey Me and My Donkey
Pick from 3 adorable donkeys, all based on real-life animals living at the ..


Your wife is very angry! Your garden is the ugliest in town! Cut the grass ..
Police Truck Police Truck
Drive this police truck from the police station to the laboratory at the other ..
X1 X1
escape with your ship through the asteroids
Flash Cars Flash Cars
Flash cars racing game. Use arrow keys. Press Enter to Begin.
Race in the Alps Race in the Alps
Race in the amazing alps, but be fast if you wanna beat the record.


How to cook Turkish Coffee How to cook Turkish ..
Turkish coffee is very popular worldwide for its unique way of preparation and ..
Bloom Chicken Cooking Bloom Chicken Cooking
Bloom Girl Chicken Cooking Game.
The (Almost) Insanely Impossible Quiz The (Almost) Insanely ..
23 Questions, designed to test your general knowledge, with one twist: You will ..
Name The Cars Name The Cars
What's the cars showed in the pictures? Name it with as few as possible squares ..
Crossword GO1 Crossword GO1
Solve the clues and complete the crossword.


Rotter Road Rotter Road
You're alive in a pixelated zombie apocalypse! Use your weapons to kill all the ..
AttackOnGrasshopper AttackOnGrasshopper
The aim of the game, Stick man fight with enemies and grasshopper,without ..
Aero Pott {Air Hockey Jockey} Aero Pott {Air Hockey ..
first player to pot 7 discs wins
Feudal Castle Defense Feudal Castle Defense
Create archers, samurai, sumo, healers, ninjas, and more to defend the castle ..
Castaway 2 Castaway 2
Castaway 2 takes the very popular, award winning Castaway game to a whole new ..


Jigsaw: Fresh Vegetables Jigsaw: Fresh Vegetables
Fresh fruit and vegetables in many different colors.
Holy angels in the sky Holy angels in the sky
a holy angels in the sky ,can you see it
Crocodile Jıgsaw Puzzle Crocodile Jıgsaw Puzzle
Crocodile Jıgsaw Puzzle
Ford Escape Slider Ford Escape Slider
A fun slider puzzle of a ford escape vehicle
Naughty cats on the tree slide puzzle Naughty cats on the tree ..
Naughty cats on the tree slide puzzle Game.


Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG
An MMORPG where you and your friends can team up and fight monsters in ..
Bird Pax 2 Bird Pax 2
Play Bird Pax 2 card game, including card tricks, smarter AI and an online ..
Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game
Small Guys, Big Fun! Challenge your friends in this wildly entertaining ..


Weekend Solitaire Weekend Solitaire
The game goal is to place all cards from the playing field to the foundation. ..
MatchingColorFaces MatchingColorFaces
a very lovely puzzle game! Collect all faces on the board by matching them in ..
Make Raspberry Cheesecake Make Raspberry Cheesecake
Bake a yummy raspberry cheesecake.
Devil and Angel Devil and Angel
This unlikely couple are trying to hook up in the heavens, but with all of the ..
Wedding In The Sky Wedding In The Sky
Have you ever tried Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable and ..


Fanged Fun Level Pack Fanged Fun Level Pack
You wanted more levels? You got them! New 20 levels for original Fanged Fun. ..
Eastern Bunny Fun Eastern Bunny Fun
Some Easter bunnies have so much fun this time of year, they can't even contain ..
The Mysterious City The Mysterious City
Find five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
Splitty Adventures Splitty Adventures
The concept of the game is easy! Just hit spacebar to split Splitty and try to ..
Mysteriez 3 Mysteriez 3
Seize an opportunity to visit a spaceship and calm Japanese garden, glance into ..


Catch the Fruits Catch the Fruits
Try to catch all the fruits which are falling from sky! You can control that ..
Aero Pott {Air Hockey Jockey} Aero Pott {Air Hockey ..
first player to pot 7 discs wins
Typing Bean Typing Bean
Do you like typing games? This one is made for you! Great graphics, many ..
Topple Topple
Slick and addictive. Stabilize and counteract increasingly powerful orbs trying ..
tambores tambores
Play drums with your keyboard or mouse.


EURO 2012 Italy nightmare EURO 2012 Italy nightmare
losing from Spain in the final EURO 2012, Italy got a nightmare, run as fast as ..
Follow the Path Follow the Path
Use mouse to follow the path, don't let the emote guy drop! Eat the food to ..
Skiing in the Alps Skiing in the Alps
Race the alps, but be sure to stay in the right track.
Truck Adventure Truck Adventure
Drive your Truck slowly and Make a highscore
Dangers of dark night Dangers of dark night
In a dark night, a hawk has lost from his folk. He was searching his group. ..


Kitchen room escape Kitchen room escape
Kitchen room escape In this escape game, you are locked in Kitchen room . Try ..
Mike Shadow: I paid for it! Mike Shadow: I paid for ..
Mike Shadow: I paid for it! ***WARNING*** Very adictive!! You will spend a ..
Aliens Attack – Alien Shooter Aliens Attack – ..
15 levels of shooting with 10 types of aliens and 8 guns on a space ..
LA Traffic Mayhem LA Traffic Mayhem
Stop cribbing about traffic! Control it!
Good Memory Escape 2 Good Memory Escape 2
You found yourself locked by sleepy watermelon. Use your mind to solve puzzles ..
Funny games are one of the most popular game categories as of date. Despite possessing the usual factors of a normal game-concept, strategy, design, and the solution to the overall problem, these kinds of games have an added factor to it: humor, and this is what makes them tick. Funny games usually have two-dimensional characters as the main protagonists. These games also sport vibrant colors and have a cartoon-like vibe. One might think that these games are only catered to children, but you can be surprised at how fun these games can actually be. Coupled with cute sounds and exaggerated animations, these games are really fun and exciting to play with.

The worldwide appeal of online games can certainly be described as astounding. With the number of online game communities that comprise of different people from both genders and varying age groups mushrooming, more and more people are taking part of this popular trend. There are also many advantages that players of funny games online can benefit from and these are: improving memory and developing cognitive skills, promotes social interaction, allowing people to stay connected, and finally recovery from illnesses.

Funny games help in boosting memory, especially for the young and old. There are some games that are formatted as puzzles, strategy games, or trivia games. With the exaggerated funny movements, these cognitive skills are adapted by the individuals and are enhanced through constant revisiting of the game. It also aids in problem-solving as well as increasing logic. Playing online games also gives the potential to assist families that deal with illnesses and other health-related issues as games unconsciously foster one's drive and determination. This mental condition can speed up recovery and provide a lighter mood for those who are ill.

By playing funny games online, you can also benefit by enhancing your social interaction. There are numerous games that offer mental challenges and are rich in story lines that require cooperation. These online interactions in gaming can pave the way to lasting and meaningful relationships by allowing you to socialize. By staying connected to your online peers, you can add an extra level of enjoyment as not only teamwork is fostered, but also friendships and the satisfaction of helping a person in need.

Most funny games can be found in various websites online. They are also arranged by category to narrow down your search if ever you are looking for a specific kind of game.