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Winter Star Winter Star
At the midnight of winter season, it's have a rumors about winter star, where ..
Freeway Challenge Freeway Challenge
You are challenged to race your way through the dangerous highway. Do you have ..
The King Of Heaven The King Of Heaven
Addictive and funny game. Fight against another aircrafts and destry the evil ..
DessertString DessertString
Do you like the dessert?String up three dessert with the same color.Best wishes
Sea Food Sea Food
A fish eat and grow game. Eat anything that can't eat you.


Old MacDonald had a farm Old MacDonald had a farm
Fun Match 3 game on the Farm of Old MacDonald.
SSSG – Pinedale SSSG – Pinedale
Pinedale is a new adventure game created by Selfdefiant! There was a robbery a ..
Clock Tower Escape Clock Tower Escape
You are trapped in a tall clock tower and must discover a way out by solving a ..
Asha’s Adventures: Saving the White Tiger Asha’s Adventures: ..
After all previous adventures (see “All adventures” menu), Asha come to ..
Mazeman Mazeman
The world has fallen into madness, and Master Skull is in control. Mazeman's ..


Santa Road Santa Road
Drive your BMW X6 on the Santa journey, pick up gits for childrens and make him ..
Extreme Wheels Extreme Wheels
Take part in this fascinating racing, shoot at the enemies, avoid their bullets ..
Baby Walk Baby Walk
Little Wayne barely knows how to walk and he's already a big big fan of ..
Dangers of dark night Dangers of dark night
In a dark night, a hawk has lost from his folk. He was searching his group. ..
Candy Emo Girl Candy Emo Girl
Combine emo clothes and candies to dress Portia in a nice combination of style ..


Kavin room hidden object Kavin room hidden object
Analyze your power of observation by finding out the hidden objects. For each ..
China Difference China Difference
Spot all the Differences in this game set in China.
Spotfinder – Robots Spotfinder – Robots
Spot the differences in some cool robotic images. You have a limited amount of ..
Toss A Llama Toss A Llama
This is a fun free game where you can easily just press a button, and watch as ..
Butterfly – Find the Alphabets Butterfly – Find .. is a new gaming website. We are developing the games for ..


SpaceShip Invaders SpaceShip Invaders
Shoot Through Hordes of "Red, Bad", SpaceShips in Space..:)...!! Collect the ..
barca vs bieber barca vs bieber
This game describe how Barca teach Bieber how to play football!!! a crazy ..
Monster Tower Defense Monster Tower Defense
Rejects the monster attacks positioning your towers more efficient
Coconut Balls Coconut Balls
In this cannon shooting game, you must defeat the other tribes from the island ..
Verpop 3 Verpop 3
jst like other verpop games but now in slider version


Octopus Octopus
Octopus - 48 Piece Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Click to Mix and Solve.
Hungry green frog slide puzzle Hungry green frog slide ..
Hungry green frog slide puzzle Game.
McLaren F1 Slider McLaren F1 Slider
A great sliding puzzle of one of the most expensive sports cars ever
Little owl slide puzzle Little owl slide puzzle
Little owl slide puzzle Game.
Red frog puzzle Red frog puzzle
Red frog puzzle Game.


Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG
An MMORPG where you and your friends can team up and fight monsters in ..
Bird Pax 2 Bird Pax 2
Play Bird Pax 2 card game, including card tricks, smarter AI and an online ..
Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game
Small Guys, Big Fun! Challenge your friends in this wildly entertaining ..


Hummer H2 Hummer H2
Play this jigsaw puzzle games of the hummer h2. This game including 3 modes - ..
Rice Pilaf Rice Pilaf
Try out the Asian kitchen. We came with a delicious recipe exclusively for you. ..
Bali Island Vacation Bali Island Vacation
적 드레스를 시도Bali Island Vacation? 당신은 정말 편안 ..
Leaf Catcher Leaf Catcher
Help! Mew is doing a science project and needs some leaves. Use the mouse to ..
Dreammy Colors Girl Dreammy Colors Girl
Have you ever tried Dreammy Colors Girl Dresses? You would be really gentle, ..


Angels Slider Angels Slider
Use the mouse to slide together the pictures of Angels
Cute Warrior Princess Cute Warrior Princess
Cute Warrior Princess jigsaw puzzle game. rotate, drag and have fun.
Nissan Juke Sliding Nissan Juke Sliding
Play this sliding puzzles games of the nissan juke. Use mouse or arrow keys to ..
Christmas Gift Journey-2 Christmas Gift Journey-2
Game Instructions : Christmas gift journey Christmas gift journey is another ..
Wedding Puzzle Wedding Puzzle
Solve the puzzle to get an awesome wedding


Find The Cat!! Find The Cat!!
(Español abajo) Description ======== Move your mouse to locate the hidden ..
Kick a Friend 2 Kick a Friend 2
Kick a ragdoll as far as you can. Use the right kind of shoe to gain maximum ..
Juggy Slide Juggy Slide
This is a simple fl in which player has to slide bar in order to make balls ..
Ball Explot Ball Explot
la bola quiere salir pero varios clones no la dejan ayudala a salir
Pack Up the Toy Pack Up the Toy
Toy Factory needs an assistant! To do this, the best engineers have created a ..


Animal Raceway Animal Raceway
Stranded on a desert island you must train up your animal of choice in an ..
摇摇荡荡 摇摇荡荡
摇摆世界来了,兔宝荡漾在奇幻的世界里,向前冲啊,让兔 ..
Hunted Forest Race Hunted Forest Race
Race the hunted forest, but don`t be scared if you are fast enough.
Air Hockey Air Hockey
Take to the table and try and score more goals than your opponent.


Ball xplot 2 Ball xplot 2
El juego trata de que unos clones no dejan salir a la pelota ayudala a salir no ..
Ball Explot Ball Explot
la bola quiere salir pero varios clones no la dejan ayudala a salir
Bubble Crush Bubble Crush
Crush the bubbles of the same color by tapping one of them if they are in a ..
Space Traffic Space Traffic
Control Space-Ship Traffic in Space,..:)
Sushi Rush Sushi Rush
Be a master sushi chef with 30 different sushi recipes in a sushi-go-round ..

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Funny games are one of the most popular game categories as of date. Despite possessing the usual factors of a normal game-concept, strategy, design, and the solution to the overall problem, these kinds of games have an added factor to it: humor, and this is what makes them tick. Funny games usually have two-dimensional characters as the main protagonists. These games also sport vibrant colors and have a cartoon-like vibe. One might think that these games are only catered to children, but you can be surprised at how fun these games can actually be. Coupled with cute sounds and exaggerated animations, these games are really fun and exciting to play with.

The worldwide appeal of online games can certainly be described as astounding. With the number of online game communities that comprise of different people from both genders and varying age groups mushrooming, more and more people are taking part of this popular trend. There are also many advantages that players of funny games online can benefit from and these are: improving memory and developing cognitive skills, promotes social interaction, allowing people to stay connected, and finally recovery from illnesses.

Funny games help in boosting memory, especially for the young and old. There are some games that are formatted as puzzles, strategy games, or trivia games. With the exaggerated funny movements, these cognitive skills are adapted by the individuals and are enhanced through constant revisiting of the game. It also aids in problem-solving as well as increasing logic. Playing online games also gives the potential to assist families that deal with illnesses and other health-related issues as games unconsciously foster one's drive and determination. This mental condition can speed up recovery and provide a lighter mood for those who are ill.

By playing funny games online, you can also benefit by enhancing your social interaction. There are numerous games that offer mental challenges and are rich in story lines that require cooperation. These online interactions in gaming can pave the way to lasting and meaningful relationships by allowing you to socialize. By staying connected to your online peers, you can add an extra level of enjoyment as not only teamwork is fostered, but also friendships and the satisfaction of helping a person in need.

Most funny games can be found in various websites online. They are also arranged by category to narrow down your search if ever you are looking for a specific kind of game.