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Drive’n'Find Drive’n'Find
Drive as fast as you can to find all golden coins, before your opponent does!
ShtCan ShtCan
elp little hero to save his kidnapped girlfriend in this fun adventure!
Kobra Kobra
You are a hungry snake searching for food to survive!
Castle Clout 3: A New Age Castle Clout 3: A New Age
Unleash your mighty catapult and launch a New Age in this brand-new edition of ..
The animals have broken their fences. Escape from the zoo. Tip: Get bonuses ..


Bed Room hidden object Bed Room hidden object
Analyze your power of observation by finding out the hidden objects. For each ..
Hell Escape Game Hell Escape Game
Can you escape hell? It will require a lot of pointing and clicking as well as ..
Legend of Kalevala Legend of Kalevala
Welcome to the mysterious world of Kalevala. You awaken in a lush forest with ..
Angry Monkey Angry Monkey
Monkey to save the other mokeys to go home for the New Year. Methods of ..
Dreams of a fairy tale Dreams of a fairy tale
While reading a book, you fell asleep. When You heard a strange voice, and ..


Ferraro: City Race Ferraro: City Race
While he was getting ready for an important race, Mike, the Ferraro pilot, ..
maze  secret 7 maze secret 7
este es un juego de habilidad podrás pasar los 6 niveles VAMOS inténtalo
California Race California Race
Race in the great state of California!
3D Dark Tanks 3D Dark Tanks
You are in a dark and lost planet and you must destroy the other tanks.
Formula Racer Formula Racer
Exciting Flash Formula 1 3d racing!


Red Crystals Escape Red Crystals Escape
Red Crystals Escape is point and click room escape game. Find seven red ..
Protein Synthesis Race! Protein Synthesis Race!
Race to build a protein in this fun game about protein synthesis. Learn about ..
Word Grid Word Grid
Play Word Grid and showcase your massive vocabulary! The game presents a square ..
Toss A Llama Toss A Llama
This is a fun free game where you can easily just press a button, and watch as ..
Anna Gram Anna Gram
Anna Gram has accidentally muddled up the letters of her words! Help her to ..


Gangsta –  Gangster vs Zombies Gangsta – ..
Gangster VS Zombie is one of the best action game by funfastgame. The game is a ..
3D Tanks And Zombies 3D Tanks And Zombies
You are in a dark and lost planet and you must destroy all the zombies. Has a ..
Intense War Intense War
Shoot the enemies, Get upgrades and unlock weapons and other exciting levels.
Left2Dead Left2Dead
You find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Hoards of zombies are slowly ..
Celebrity Smackdown 2 Celebrity Smackdown 2
Stars from Nacho Libre, Superman, and several other films we don't care about ..


Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge
A fun jigsaw of three pictures of the golden gate bridge
marliya marliya
she want to fly to moon!!can you help her
Fighter dragonflies slide puzzle Fighter dragonflies ..
Fighter dragonflies slide puzzle Game.
Samurai Slider Samurai Slider
Slide together this animated samurai in three sizes
Spring Glow Jigsaw Spring Glow Jigsaw
A beautiful glow of sunlight shining on the grass. We turned this photo into a ..


Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game
Small Guys, Big Fun! Challenge your friends in this wildly entertaining ..
Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG
An MMORPG where you and your friends can team up and fight monsters in ..
Bird Pax 2 Bird Pax 2
Play Bird Pax 2 card game, including card tricks, smarter AI and an online ..


Cheese Risotto Cheese Risotto
Have you ever tried to prepare an Italian food? It is your chance now and you ..
Independence Day coloring Independence Day coloring
A small bear joining the celebrations of independence day. Created by ..
Summer Match Summer Match
Summer Match, is a free match three flash game. Your goal is to get as many ..
Combine More Combine More
Combine 3 same flowers and become one small tree, 3 same small trees will ..
Cute animal coloring Cute animal coloring
Cute animal coloring Game.


Class Room Escape Class Room Escape
Joes is bored of the class and wants to escape. Help him escape by opening all ..
Cake decoration for wedding Cake decoration for ..
If you want your cakes to be specials you can personalize them with your own ..
Pixle Break Pixle Break
Break the pixle and collect items, there are 4 items and 4 kinds of blocks
Aztec Temple 1 Aztec Temple 1
Traveling around world you find a fantastic aztec temple but when you were ..
Wooden Path Wooden Path
It’s a logic game mainly based on blocks’ sliding with many extra features ..


Music machine piano + guitar + drum Music machine piano + ..
Music machine piano + guitar + drum Game
Rain Symphony Rain Symphony
Go on a journey high in the sky, drop down water on the landscape created by ..
Find The Cat!! Find The Cat!!
(Español abajo) Description ======== Move your mouse to locate the hidden ..
生肖连连看 生肖连连看
12生肖:由12种源于自然界的动物即鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇 ..
Shmusicup Shmusicup
Shmusicup (Shoot-music-up) is a hybrid of a rhythm/music game and a shoot'em up ..


Speed Roadster Speed Roadster
Three new racing cars are waiting for you. Using the keyboard arrows do your ..
Chalkboard Surfer Chalkboard Surfer
Ever wanted to surf through the boring and full of work chalkboard at school? ..
Flower fairy dressup – dressupgirlus Flower fairy dressup ..
dressupgirlus - This cute flower fairy was invited to a party the little angels ..
Dirty Wheeler Dirty Wheeler
join the adventure with the dirty wheeler
DANZZA is a dance game! Here you can have fun with the jungle animals. ..


BreakOut Classic BreakOut Classic
Move your paddle with you mouse and try to destroy all bricks, avoiding bombs ..
Rotter Road Rotter Road
You're alive in a pixelated zombie apocalypse! Use your weapons to kill all the ..
Tank attack Tank attack
Needed to build factories, turrets and destroy tanks. 3 types of towers 1 ..
Gangs Revenge Gangs Revenge
lead your gang to eliminate all the enemies and be the boss. Your object is to ..
Tower Battle 2 Tower Battle 2
Tower Battle is back! Protect skyscraper tower from hundreds of enemy waves!

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Funny games are one of the most popular game categories as of date. Despite possessing the usual factors of a normal game-concept, strategy, design, and the solution to the overall problem, these kinds of games have an added factor to it: humor, and this is what makes them tick. Funny games usually have two-dimensional characters as the main protagonists. These games also sport vibrant colors and have a cartoon-like vibe. One might think that these games are only catered to children, but you can be surprised at how fun these games can actually be. Coupled with cute sounds and exaggerated animations, these games are really fun and exciting to play with.

The worldwide appeal of online games can certainly be described as astounding. With the number of online game communities that comprise of different people from both genders and varying age groups mushrooming, more and more people are taking part of this popular trend. There are also many advantages that players of funny games online can benefit from and these are: improving memory and developing cognitive skills, promotes social interaction, allowing people to stay connected, and finally recovery from illnesses.

Funny games help in boosting memory, especially for the young and old. There are some games that are formatted as puzzles, strategy games, or trivia games. With the exaggerated funny movements, these cognitive skills are adapted by the individuals and are enhanced through constant revisiting of the game. It also aids in problem-solving as well as increasing logic. Playing online games also gives the potential to assist families that deal with illnesses and other health-related issues as games unconsciously foster one's drive and determination. This mental condition can speed up recovery and provide a lighter mood for those who are ill.

By playing funny games online, you can also benefit by enhancing your social interaction. There are numerous games that offer mental challenges and are rich in story lines that require cooperation. These online interactions in gaming can pave the way to lasting and meaningful relationships by allowing you to socialize. By staying connected to your online peers, you can add an extra level of enjoyment as not only teamwork is fostered, but also friendships and the satisfaction of helping a person in need.

Most funny games can be found in various websites online. They are also arranged by category to narrow down your search if ever you are looking for a specific kind of game.