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Fault Race Fault Race
Gaia Defenders Gaia Defenders
New TD sandbox game with a lot of different enemies with beautiful graphics and ..
Treasure Quest Treasure Quest
Hooray! Forest Ranger started treasure quest. Assist forest ranger to ..
Drive’n'Find Drive’n'Find
Drive as fast as you can to find all golden coins, before your opponent does!
Chainsaw Princess Chainsaw Princess
Butcher trolls and take back the sweet and mystical land of Magicandia, one ..


Come back to childhood Come back to childhood
Do you still remember played game 4 bit? Other console: atari, nes, game ..
Help the Pilot Help the Pilot
Be carefull with your plane! You need to avoid the birds... They could damage ..
Sunken Fortress Sunken Fortress
Your heard a secret that there was treasure hidden inside of the sunken ..
Fruit Ferit’s Math Adventures I – Fruit Factory Fruit Ferit’s Math ..
Help Fruit Ferit to reach the right basket, you just need a little math.
Dog Bone Game Dog Bone Game
Move left right arrow keys. Press space bar.


Scooter Master Scooter Master
Drive your scooter in the busy streets and dodge all the incoming obstacles in ..
Metal WarTale Metal WarTale
Metal wartale is the first part of the Metal war trilogy. The story took place ..
Tank Challenge Tank Challenge
Destroy all the enemies through all maps. Earn points for upgrading your tank. ..
Rabbit killer Rabbit killer
The evil greedy rabbits have cost too much resource of the earth , now you ..
Mountain Bee Race Mountain Bee Race
Be the fastest bee to fix the holes in the race track and get on the highscore ..


number – memory – game number – memory ..
a game where you must save a number and than remember to it
Escape From Fort 2 Remake Escape From Fort 2 Remake
You find yourself deep underground, you do not remember how you get here, only ..
Shoot n Count Shoot n Count
Hit 10 targets, and count their values to reach the higher level.
Lost Futures of Atlantis (Spot the Differences) Lost Futures of Atlantis ..
Had Atlantis survived, how would it have impacted our lives? Let's take a look ..
Wild West Wedding Wild West Wedding
The year is 1875. In the Saloon of the small town of Jacksonville everybody is ..


Demolition Dumpout Demolition Dumpout
Crash, push and bump your opponent out of the arena.
Roman Soldier Roman Soldier
At the roman empire, you got a mission to war at killer land, but it's too many ..
The Chase The Chase
An amazing platform/puzzler game based on the hugely successful Intel “The ..
Normandy Survival Normandy Survival
You're trapped behind enemy lines in Normandy, France! The date is June 6, ..
Motorbike Connect Motorbike Connect
12x Motorbike words, try to find them all


Windmills Of Don Quixote Windmills Of Don Quixote
Windmills Of Don Quixote - 48 Piece Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Click to Mix and ..
Spring Glow Jigsaw Spring Glow Jigsaw
A beautiful glow of sunlight shining on the grass. We turned this photo into a ..
Mushroom jellyfish puzzle Mushroom jellyfish puzzle
Mushroom jellyfish puzzle Game.
Hamster Jigsaw Hamster Jigsaw
Use the mouse to put together three adorable hamster pictures
Two friends in the woods puzzle Two friends in the woods ..
Two friends in the woods puzzle Game.


Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG
An MMORPG where you and your friends can team up and fight monsters in ..
Bird Pax 2 Bird Pax 2
Play Bird Pax 2 card game, including card tricks, smarter AI and an online ..
Eleminis Card Game Eleminis Card Game
Small Guys, Big Fun! Challenge your friends in this wildly entertaining ..


Palatable Roast Cooking Palatable Roast Cooking
Free online cooking bright game with hints inside for kids and their parents.
Mary bird lover dress up Mary bird lover dress up
Mary bird lover dress up Game.
Summer Office Girl Summer Office Girl
Summer Office Girl 당신은 패션 중독자를 다시하고 자신의 패션 ..
Sonic Bubbles Sonic Bubbles
A beautiful, colorful and serene physics game. Get rid of all musical bubbles ..
Pigeon Jigsaw Puzzle Game Pigeon Jigsaw Puzzle Game
Pigeon Jigsaw Puzzle Game


Palatable Pie Cooking Palatable Pie Cooking
Do not lose the opportunity to play this new free cooking game from ..
Elven castle 5 Differences Elven castle 5 ..
Find five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
InsanityBox 2 InsanityBox 2
- Select "STORY MODE" to play each of 30 different mini games in order. - ..
Rose Sliding Puzzle Rose Sliding Puzzle
Click on the shuffled pieces to arrange and complete the picture. Pictures ..
Tennis Kissing Tennis Kissing
Angelina and Jasper are romantic youngsters who like to kiss whenever they can. ..


Push it Push it
Push the corresponding button to make the balls explode, matching buttons and ..
被淹没的丛林 被淹没的丛林
Coin Cat Copter Coin Cat Copter
Coin cat Copter is a dodge the incoming meteors the long you last the better ..
Ballz Ballz
Argh! Falling balls! Stop them from reaching the bottom using the correctly ..
Old Jack Old Jack
Create music with Old Jack and have a good time!


Route 66 Route 66
run as fast as you can, hit the record at this track super radical!
Coca Cabana Race Coca Cabana Race
The Coca Cabana beach is famous for it`s beautiful girls, but that`s about to ..
Freddy Fishing Fun Freddy Fishing Fun
Are you good at fishing? Well, let's see about that. Try to help Freddy catch ..
Madpet Skateboarder Madpet Skateboarder
Madpet adventures are back! In the role of MadDog Skateboarder try to get as ..
Dangers of dark night Dangers of dark night
In a dark night, a hawk has lost from his folk. He was searching his group. ..


Celebrity Catch 2 Celebrity Catch 2
Enjoy the return of everybody’s favourite retro arcade game. The console has ..
How is today How is today
How is today
Flashoulette Flashoulette
Great roulette game with classic rules and a highscore table, where you can ..
Sneaky’s Vacation Sneaky’s Vacation
Sneaky's Vacation was brought to an abrupt halt when he was locked in his room. ..
Xpectre Block Breaker Xpectre Block Breaker
Break all the blocks to win! But the colors can confuse and distort your ..

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Funny games are one of the most popular game categories as of date. Despite possessing the usual factors of a normal game-concept, strategy, design, and the solution to the overall problem, these kinds of games have an added factor to it: humor, and this is what makes them tick. Funny games usually have two-dimensional characters as the main protagonists. These games also sport vibrant colors and have a cartoon-like vibe. One might think that these games are only catered to children, but you can be surprised at how fun these games can actually be. Coupled with cute sounds and exaggerated animations, these games are really fun and exciting to play with.

The worldwide appeal of online games can certainly be described as astounding. With the number of online game communities that comprise of different people from both genders and varying age groups mushrooming, more and more people are taking part of this popular trend. There are also many advantages that players of funny games online can benefit from and these are: improving memory and developing cognitive skills, promotes social interaction, allowing people to stay connected, and finally recovery from illnesses.

Funny games help in boosting memory, especially for the young and old. There are some games that are formatted as puzzles, strategy games, or trivia games. With the exaggerated funny movements, these cognitive skills are adapted by the individuals and are enhanced through constant revisiting of the game. It also aids in problem-solving as well as increasing logic. Playing online games also gives the potential to assist families that deal with illnesses and other health-related issues as games unconsciously foster one's drive and determination. This mental condition can speed up recovery and provide a lighter mood for those who are ill.

By playing funny games online, you can also benefit by enhancing your social interaction. There are numerous games that offer mental challenges and are rich in story lines that require cooperation. These online interactions in gaming can pave the way to lasting and meaningful relationships by allowing you to socialize. By staying connected to your online peers, you can add an extra level of enjoyment as not only teamwork is fostered, but also friendships and the satisfaction of helping a person in need.

Most funny games can be found in various websites online. They are also arranged by category to narrow down your search if ever you are looking for a specific kind of game.