• Bubble Shooter Saga Bubble Shooter Saga is the latest and greatest of the famous bubble shooter type arcade games. Once you start playing it, you won’t stop until you finish all it [...]
  • Stack Tower In the highly addictive arcade game Stack Tower you stack 3D blocks to a tower. The higher and the straighter you stack the blocks, the more points you earn. If [...]
  • Hero Clicker Hero Clicker is an highly addictive endless game in the tradition of Cookie Clicker. The premise of the game is really simple: Alone or with your party you have [...]
  • Cookie Crush Cookie Crush is a highly addictive match3 masterpiece that takes you into a world of challenging puzzles and delicious pastries. You have to combine at least th [...]
  • Best Classic Freecell Solitaire Best Classic Freecell Solitaire brings the popular Freecell version of the solitaire card game to the palm of your hand. The 52-card deck is dealt face-up into [...]
  • Best Classic Pyramid Solitaire Best Classic Pyramid Solitaire brings the popular Pyramid version of the solitaire card game to the palm of your hand. In Pyramid solitaire 28 cards are dealt f [...]
  • Speed Pool King Speed Pool King - A fast paced pool game for mobile and tablet. How many balls can you pot before the time runs out? Clear the table as quickly as you can! Touc [...]
  • Protector Protector - Deep strategy and involving depth, deceptively simple to play, yet so many avenues and strategies to master. This is a game that will steal your fre [...]
  • SPOT 5 – FUNFAIR   SPOT 5 - FUNFAIR - Try To SPOT The Differences Before The Time Ends! Go ahead and have some fun !
  • Galactians Fight back the invasion of the aliens! Start the engines of your starfighter and show these alien bugs what you are made of! Watch their diving closely and scor [...]
  • Galactians 2 The aliens are back but this time – with a vengeance! Shoot the aliens as they drop down from the heavens and collect any bonus or useful item they drop to impr [...]
  • Dungeon Adventure Play as the mystical Wizard Merlin and scour the haunted dungeons for ancient potions. Be careful to avoid the ghosts of former prisoners as you seek to collect [...]
  • Hyper Gunner You want to get back to earth but to do that you need to shoot your way through hordes of enemies! Be quick and agile to dodge, shoot and to collect a lot of lo [...]
  • Spy Chase Race through multiple full colour terrains in your super-charged FBI car and capture the spies before they escape across the border. Look out overhead for bombi [...]
  • Wizard Wars Duel wizards and enchanted monsters in the depths of the castle's darkest dungeons! Protect your magical stars from Zoltar and other threads! Look out for the g [...]
  • Save PAPA Save PAPA is a Physics-based puzzle game. You are tasked with using different tools to transfer PAPA (blocks) to certain destinations, gaining energy, and compl [...]
  • Lava Sword Defeat foul foes in this side-scrolling arcade action game! Fend off goblins, skeletons, ghosts and more! Eat meat to survive longer and beat up the high score!
  • Onslaught Defense Wield powerful weapons to defend your castle against hordes of dragons and demons in this action-packed castle defense game! Upgrade powerful swords, axes and s [...]
  • Sudoku Are you smart enough to solve the toughest Sudokus? This game will offer you a whole lot of different puzzles that will take a lot of wit to solve. The various [...]


Sticky Ninja Academy
Can you become a Sticky Ninja Master? Try in [...]


Reincarnation:  The Final Happy Hour
Enjoy TFHH with a glass of milk. point, click [...]


You are a thief and the best at it because yo [...]

Board Game

Are you smart enough to solve the toughest Su [...]


Speed Pool King
Speed Pool King - A fast paced pool game for [...]


Spy Chase
Race through multiple full colour terrains in [...]


WV Zombie Attack
Mild mannered WV Man is walking through the o [...]


Gibbets 3
Gibbets is back! Load up your trusty bow and [...]


Mushroom Madness 3
Defend more mushrooms from hungry animals. No [...]


More Ballsy fun and games, this time with bas [...]


Necropolis Defence
A strategy/defence game. Unleash your undead [...]


Impossible Truck Track Driving Game 2020
Its not easy to drive a truck and it gets eve [...]
Funny Flip Games are one of the most popular game categories as of date. Despite possessing the usual factors of a normal game-concept, strategy, design, and the solution to the overall problem, these kinds of games have an added factor to it: humor, and this is what makes them tick. Funny Flip Games usually have two-dimensional characters as the main protagonists. These games also sport vibrant colors and have a cartoon-like vibe. One might think that these games are only catered to children, but you can be surprised at how fun these games can actually be. Coupled with cute sounds and exaggerated animations, these games are really fun and exciting to play !

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